Using Wind Energy For Bahrain’s Buildings

Buildings from the Gulf Countries; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Kuwait, Oman and the Kingdom of Bahrain are consuming the Biggest Percentage of the fossil energy production. In fact, the electrical energy consumption is increasing at a very high rate due to the rise in population and the huge growth of urban settlements. Read more about Using Wind Energy For Bahrain’s Buildings[…]

Plastic Surgery- Is it a Perfect Operation?

Plastic surgery can be re-constructive for medical reasons or for cosmetic.  Plastic surgery is done to improve a deformity on the human body either caused by accidents or congenital malformations. Plastic surgeries are done on different parts of the body that may need improvements such as facelifts, nose lift, breast enlargement or reduction or liposuctions Read more about Plastic Surgery- Is it a Perfect Operation?[…]

Haemophilia: The Genetic Blood Disease

What is Haemophilia? Haemophilia is generally an inherited bleeding disorder in which the blood doesn’t clot properly. This may result in spontaneous bleeding in addition to bleeding after surgery or injuries. Blood includes several proteins called clotting factors which could help stop bleeding. The severity of haemophilia an individual has is dependent on the quantity Read more about Haemophilia: The Genetic Blood Disease[…]

Why Choose a Career in The Medical Industry

Healthcare is one of the world’s leading sectors with millions of people making their business start with careers in the medical industry. Billions of dollars exchange hands from consumers to specialists, healthcare workers, manufacturers, and other job fields. The medical industry has a range of careers, and people are choosing the options of showcasing their Read more about Why Choose a Career in The Medical Industry[…]